Enjoy the punjabi & indian cuisine.
Try the delicious indian food in tenerife.

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Try the authentic flavours of northen india

Mr. singh indian tandoori restaurant opens its door to offer our customers the best indian food in tenerife.

Cook with passion and excellent customer service are the main pillar of our restaurant.

We offer the authentic dishes from the northen india, a region called Punjab from where we belong.

Do not hesitate asking about your dishes or ingredients, we will help you in your order selection.

Amazing Food with Fresh Daily Ingredients, Spices & Wine

Mr. Singh is a true curry legend in the canary island. Providing just the same smiling service everyday, Amongst a world of globalisation and cultural blending, Mr. Singh prides ourselves on remaining true to our humble roots, drawing inspiration from the cuisine of North and Central of India.


Joga Singh


Prabhdeep Singh


Jobanjeet Singh

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